Uses of Interface

Packages that use Updatable
com.croftsoft.core.gui.controller The controller updates the model based on user input. 
com.croftsoft.core.lang.lifecycle Interfaces for the common Applet lifecycle methods. JoglRenderer implementations. 
com.croftsoft.core.sim Simulation support classes. 
com.croftsoft.core.util.loop Threaded loop library for animation and simulation. 
com.croftsoft.core.util.mail Intermediary to broadcast and retrieve messages (tutorial). 

Uses of Updatable in com.croftsoft.core.gui.controller

Subinterfaces of Updatable in com.croftsoft.core.gui.controller
 interface Controller
          Updates the model based on user input.

Classes in com.croftsoft.core.gui.controller that implement Updatable
 class NilController
          A Controller implementation that does nothing.
 class RelayController
          Relays user input events and updates to a delegate Controller.

Uses of Updatable in com.croftsoft.core.lang.lifecycle

Methods in com.croftsoft.core.lang.lifecycle with parameters of type Updatable
static void LifecycleLib.update(Updatable... updatables)
          Updates the updatables, catching and printing any Exception.
static void LifecycleLib.update(Updatable updatable)
          Updates the updatable, catching and printing any Exception.

Constructors in com.croftsoft.core.lang.lifecycle with parameters of type Updatable
UpdateRunner(Updatable[] updatables)

Uses of Updatable in

Classes in that implement Updatable
static class JoglSpinCube.ModelImp

Uses of Updatable in com.croftsoft.core.sim

Classes in com.croftsoft.core.sim that implement Updatable
 class NanoDeltaClock
          DeltaClock implementation.

Uses of Updatable in com.croftsoft.core.util.loop

Constructors in com.croftsoft.core.util.loop with parameters of type Updatable
EventQueueUpdateLoop(Updatable... updatables)
UpdateLoop(Updatable[] updatables)

Uses of Updatable in com.croftsoft.core.util.mail

Classes in com.croftsoft.core.util.mail that implement Updatable
 class FlipMail<Message>
          Replaces incoming messages with outgoing messages when updated.

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