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Packages that use PointXY A* algorithm for path planning. 
com.croftsoft.core.animation.model The base interface for the model of a game world entity. 
com.croftsoft.core.animation.model.seri Serializable implementations of Model classes. 
com.croftsoft.core.math.geom Geometry. 

Uses of PointXY in

Methods in with parameters of type PointXY
 boolean SpaceTester.isSpaceAvailable(PointXY pointXY)
 void GridCartographer.setGoalPointXY(PointXY goalPointXY)
 void GradientCartographer.setGoalPointXY(PointXY goalPointXY)
 void GradientCartographer.setStartPointXY(PointXY startPointXY)

Uses of PointXY in com.croftsoft.core.animation.model

Methods in com.croftsoft.core.animation.model with parameters of type PointXY
 Model World.getModel(PointXY pointXY, Class[] classes, Model model)
          Gets an active Model that contains the point.

Uses of PointXY in com.croftsoft.core.animation.model.seri

Methods in com.croftsoft.core.animation.model.seri with parameters of type PointXY
 Model SeriWorld.getModel(PointXY pointXY, Class[] classes, Model model)
 Model SeriWorld.getModelClosest(PointXY pointXY, Class c, Model model)
 Model[] SeriWorld.getModels(PointXY pointXY, Model[] models, Class c)

Uses of PointXY in com.croftsoft.core.math.geom

Subinterfaces of PointXY in com.croftsoft.core.math.geom
 interface PointXYZ
          A read-only interface for double precision (x,y,z) coordinates.

Classes in com.croftsoft.core.math.geom that implement PointXY
 class Point2DD
          A Point2D.Double extension implementing accessor interface PointXY.
 class Point3DD
          A mutable point in three-dimensional real space (x, y, z).

Methods in com.croftsoft.core.math.geom that return PointXY
 PointXY CircleAccessor.getCenter()
 PointXY Circle.getCenter()

Methods in com.croftsoft.core.math.geom with parameters of type PointXY
 double PointXY.angleTo(PointXY otherPointXY)
 double Point2DD.angleTo(PointXY otherPointXY)
          The angle, in radians, from this point to the other point.
 double PointXY.distanceXY(PointXY otherPointXY)
 double Point2DD.distanceXY(PointXY otherPointXY)
 void Circle.setCenter(PointXY pointXY)
 void Point2DD.setXY(PointXY pointXY)

Constructors in com.croftsoft.core.math.geom with parameters of type PointXY
Point2DD(PointXY pointXY)

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