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Packages that use Sim Neuronal network simulation interfaces. Neuronal network simulation implementations (demo). 
com.croftsoft.core.sim Simulation support classes. 

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Subinterfaces of Sim in
 interface ChannelSim
          Extension of interface ChannelMut that implements Sim.

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Classes in that implement Sim
 class HhNeuronImp
          Hodgkin-Huxley (HH) neuron.
 class ReliableSynapse
          A synapse that reliably opens the channel when the neuron spikes.
 class SnapChannel
          Mutable Channel implementation that snaps shut when updated.
 class TireNeuron
          Integrate and tire neuron.

Uses of Sim in com.croftsoft.core.sim

Methods in com.croftsoft.core.sim with parameters of type Sim
static void SimLib.access(Sim... sims)
static void SimLib.mutate(Sim... sims)
static void SimLib.update(Sim... sims)

Method parameters in com.croftsoft.core.sim with type arguments of type Sim
static void SimLib.access(Iterable<Sim> simIterable)
static void SimLib.mutate(Iterable<Sim> simIterable)
static void SimLib.update(Iterable<Sim> simIterable)

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