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2006 Mar 10 Fri

CroftSoft Audio and Graphics

I have collected some of the audio and graphics files created over the years for my various projects. Many of the files are suitable for computer game development. The CroftSoft Audio Collection and the CroftSoft Graphics Collection are available from the CroftSoft Code Library download link.

The media files within these collections have been dedicated to the Public Domain. You may use and modify these media files as you wish for free. All of the media files in these archives were created by my family members, my employees, my contractors, or myself. Author attribution and confirmation of dedication to the Public Domain by the former copyright holder is available within the archive files.

David Wallace Croft
President, CroftSoft Inc

Delta3D 3D Models has a collection of royalty-free 3D models. They also provide Open Source 3D game engine code.

NASA Photos

The Great Images in NASA (GRIN) is a collection of NASA photos and art that are non-copyrighted (Public Domain). Works created by employees of the federal government are not entitled to copyright protection.

Yellowstone National Park

The Yellowstone Digital Slide File contains thousands of Public Domain images of natural scenes and animals.

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